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My fav female kenyi:

This was her holding, she spat one week ago friday:

Here is my Pink red zebra "rose":

My male kenyi:

One of my yellow labs, we now have 4:

Our unknown "cheif"

Another Unknown "blanch"

Here is our 55g tank:

Heres some of our peacocks we keep in a 36 bowfront:

I don't have any pics of my other tanks, (we have 6 all together) we have one w/ some smaller mbuna growing up for the bigger tank including 2 red zebra, and 1 cobalt, then the 1 week old kenyi fry in another, 1 cycling, then a holding for the smaller peacocks which has ruben peacocks and a flametail pair.

Oh yea, two of our tanks are right beside a fireplace however we have not ever used it as we have central air and heat in our home its just for show, so no danger to the fish.
Can you say cichlid fever??? :fish:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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