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newbie ready to stock my tank but very limited choice..

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This is the list my local shop can get flown in

and they say its 8 pieces or more per species ..

the tank is rocky ..150gallons with a silica tank is in the tanks section!!

Blue ahli
geochromis moori
red peacock
Stuart granti blue
Yellow Prince
Strawberry peacock
red empress

looking through the list i thought prehaps the demasoni ..livingstonii and auratus might be too aggresive.

also i would not want fish that were a lot bigger than say 6inches .

so do u think there is a good balance somewhere in that lot??

cheers guys.
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thankyou..thankyou :thumb: let me see..... just over 50 fish..sounds about right.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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