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My fishkeeping started around six weeks ago with a Marineland 60 Gallon complete setup from Petsmart. Set up with Lake Malawi Cichlids. Yesterday I was at Petsmart and they had the Aqueon 125 Gallon complete setup marked $699.00 on sale for $499.00. I had received an e-mail coupon that was 20% off any item purchase that was only good for 4 days. Used the coupon and dropped the price down to $399.00!!! :D :dancing: :thumb: Planning on using the 60 gallon for Mbuna tank and 125 gallon for Peacocks and Haps! Picked up a slightly used Fluval 406 on Craigslist for $25.00 The guy had a Fluval 406 on his tank and had a power surge kill the pump motor , so he ran out and bought another Fluval 406 and just used the top of the new filter on his already established canister. Everything else in the box was still new in their original packages! I have it setup on my 60 gallon now, along with my original Fluval 406, so that tank is waaaay over-filtered. It will be a week or two before I get the new tank up and running! Going to use 2 canisters on it, the Fluval 406 I got off Craigslist and debating Fluval FX4 or FX6 also.
So excited! Thanks for listening!

Todd 8)
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