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Hey Everyone!

I have a 38 gallon aquarium and I would love to start it up again. I had regular tropical fish the last time... Ie years ago. And I was never satisfied with them.

I love cichlids. However I would love help with specifics on how to set it up perfectly for them.

I would love basic information from scratch on how to do this the right way. So I have come to you guys, the cichlid gurus for help!

I understand my aquarium is small for cichlids but reading through the forum articles there seems to be dwarf cichlids that may be happy in my cozy aquarium.

So. Without jargon... As I am sooo very new can anyone please help with what I will need and need to do to ensure a happy healthy aquarium?

I have an appropriatly sized filter and a heater. I would love real plants.

I really appreciate your patience and just want to learn!

Thank you! Take Care

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Hi and Welcome to C-F!!

Could you please post the dimensions of your tank as Length x Width x Height so we can make some good suggestions.

Are you looking for colorful cichlids or are you looking for observing natural behavior with males and females that could possibly spawn and raise their fry together?
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