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Hi everyone!

I'm looking into starting my first Mbuna setup.I've been reading a lot the past few days but I'm still unsure what to stock and what's compatible or not.

For my birthday, I am buying a custom built, optiwhite 144L tank. The dimensions are: 120x40x30 CM (LXWXH), I went as long and as deep as I could, but I kept the height short as I already have a 112L tropical community in my bedroom and I didn't want things to become too heavy.

I will most likely run a Fluval or Eheim Cansiter with a wave maker. Water will be remineralised RO with a Zebra Stone hardscape.

How many Mbuna species can I squeeze in? How many total Mbuna can I keep?

This may not be a good idea, but I had two potential stocking ideas which appealed to me-

#1 (M:F)
8x Melanochromis Maingano 1:7
6x Labidochromis Caeruleus 2:6
4x Idotropheus Sprengerare 1:3
4x Pseudotropheus Socolofi Snow White 1:3

#2 (M:F)
12x Pseudotropheus Salusoi 4:8
4x Idotrohpeus Sprengerae 1:3
4x Labidochromis Caeruleus 1:3 'White'
4x Pseudtropheus Acei 1:3

Thank you & I'm open to all advice, suggestions and tips! :)
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