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Newbie Heater Questions?

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First post! I'm a newie to aquariums. I currently have a 150 Gallon tank with African Cichlids and noticed that my heater seems to be broken. The temperature of my tank is around 72 right now, but after reading a lot of posts, it seems my tank should be 78-80.

I read various posts and opinions seem to be divided on heaters. From what I've read, I should be using at least 300W of heaters, either one 300W or two 150W. Any suggestions on reliable brands and whether one would be better than two to avoid overheating?
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250 watt stealth heater. They are unbreakable and are becoming the standard aquarium heater around my circle of fish keeping freinds.

2 heaters is usually recommended for reduncency but with a stealth i have never found a reason for this. 7 tanks and 7 stealths running with no problems, and doing there jobs well is all the proof i need.

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