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Newbie Heater Questions?

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First post! I'm a newie to aquariums. I currently have a 150 Gallon tank with African Cichlids and noticed that my heater seems to be broken. The temperature of my tank is around 72 right now, but after reading a lot of posts, it seems my tank should be 78-80.

I read various posts and opinions seem to be divided on heaters. From what I've read, I should be using at least 300W of heaters, either one 300W or two 150W. Any suggestions on reliable brands and whether one would be better than two to avoid overheating?
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8) I know many who are successful w/ just 1 heater & good circulation. I prefer to split the difference w/ 2 because of efficiency & safety. The heat will be more evenly distributed throughout the tank (especially long tanks). In the event of failure (on or off) you gain an advantage of time before temp. reaches critical (+ or -). This extra time could be the difference between life & death depending on your fishes sensitivity to temp. A temp. controller is another aid in safe temp. distribution.
As to the heater itself, choices are many. The VisiTherm Stealth by Aquarium Systems seems to be the most popular on this & a few other sites but there are others. Some choose the in-line ETH models from Hydor or Ebo-Jager (now Jager made by Eheim). My choice a few yrs. back (& still working) was Rena Cal Excel by A/P. The model has since been replaced by the Rena SmartHeater which can be used in-line w/ Rena filters or stand alone. (I believe Foster & Smith has Excel clearance sale). There are still others that members will swear by (too many to list). Bottom line is a stable temp. is necessary for tropical fish to thrive in most closed systems. The choice & set-up will vary from aquarist to aquarist depending on tank size, inhabitants & region. "T"
:dancing: :thumb: BTW Welcome to CF & good luck, "T"
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