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Newbie Heater Questions?

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First post! I'm a newie to aquariums. I currently have a 150 Gallon tank with African Cichlids and noticed that my heater seems to be broken. The temperature of my tank is around 72 right now, but after reading a lot of posts, it seems my tank should be 78-80.

I read various posts and opinions seem to be divided on heaters. From what I've read, I should be using at least 300W of heaters, either one 300W or two 150W. Any suggestions on reliable brands and whether one would be better than two to avoid overheating?
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yes the heater light is suppose to turn on and off...visi therm stealth 250W is top of the food chain right now, you should get one before they raised the price or re-design it :thumb:
zoyvig said:
. Do I still need two heaters in there if I get the tank back up to 79? The reason I ask is because there isn't a place to put one on the other side of the tank since there isn't an outlet near there.
extension cord :thumb:
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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