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Hello all, I'm asking for your opinions.

I just bought a new 75G tank and stand ($300 from Petsmart! Came with lids and lights). I'm currently running a 55G whose only inhabitants are 2 scraper mouths (Labeotropheus trewavasae) (1M/1F) who were born in the tank and (1) 7 year old synodontis. I'm planning on putting the 75G in the place the 55G currently is (living room) and moving the 55 to my spare bedroom/office/garage/workout room///etc. lol. I've recently become enamored by South Americans and initially planned on putting them in the 75 that will be in my living room. I would then turn the 55 into a Mbuna tank and give my 3 buddies some new "friends"...hopefully. But in doing more reading, I'm now not sure if that's what I want to do, so I figured I'd seek some opinions. Obviously, both tanks are too small to house an Oscar long term or any large SA. I definitely want the 75 in the living room. I wish I just bout a 75 when I bought the 55...but it's what I have. Living on a second floor condo, I don't think I could go much heavier than a 75. I'd certainly appreciate any advice on successful a 75G SA tank mate setup..I know there are tons of articles already out there on exactly that.

So, what do you think? A nice mix of SA in the 75 and 12-15 Mbuna's in the 55? Or 3-4 SA's in the 55 and 20-25 Mbunas in the 75?


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You would not want 25 mbuna in a 75G...Think in terms of 20 max for mixed gender.

If you end up doing the mbuna in the 55G, you already have labeotropheus and you want 1m:7f for them...maybe a 2 species tank? 15 max for mixed gender.

IDK SA but you did not say eartheaters or angels or rams. This one looks interesting:

• Heros efasciatus - 1 pair
• Aequidens pulcher "Blue Acara" - 1
• Danio malabaricus "Giant Danio" - 8
• Melanotaenia trifasciata "Banded Rainbow" - 5
• Melano. boesemani "Boeseman's Rainbow" - 5
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