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New with fry

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Hello all I've just joined so please forgive me while I learn the ropes here. If you're interested I've included a link to my photos in my Signature. I've currently got 32 Cockatoo Cichlid fry in a 10 gal, I took them out of the community tank yesterday.
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I'll give a complete run down of all our tanks. :fish:

My 30 gal - 1m/3f Cockatoo Cichlids, 5 adult guppies (lots of babies), 4 cories, 1 tiny pleco.

Joe's 125 gal - 2m/4f Cockatoos, 1m/1f kribs, 15 adult guppies (not as many babies), 7 gouramies (2 blue, 2 gold, 3 pearl), 1 pleco, 1 leporius, 5 or 6 cories, 1f betta, 5 platies, 3 flying foxes, 4 otos, and I THINK that's it.

Pond not sure of size - 2 4" koi (think both are male), 1f Shubunkin goldfish (7 inches), 6 or 7 1" feeder goldfish

55 gal (under contruction) - will be a rock tank with 3 differect types of African Cichlids (1m/3f of each)
Actually he was into it before I met him. He use to have a salt water tank. And he use to breed kribs and was heavily into breeding bettas. He actually does handle almost all of the water changes. I've gotten him into the pond thing, he had a pond before I moved in, but nothing was living in it except a disease ridden goldfish, that I thunked on the head to kill. Since then I've cleaned the pond and added water, rocks, plants, and fish. Next year we are expanding the pond to at least 1000 gal. And after we add on to the house we're getting a 75-90 gal reef tank.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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