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I just bought a 75 gallon Marineland aquarium and stand from Petsmart on the Christmas sale. This is my first large tank. It seems like a pretty decent tank and the stand is solid enough.
While doing research I came upon this site and after hours of reading I decided to join.
The amount of knowledge and help being offered here is great.

Looking around at all the Fish choices I was really intrigued by the beauty of the Cichlids and especially the Electric Blue Acara. I have decided to build a Cichlid tank with this fish as the centerpiece species.

I'm are still researching tank mates and numbers of fish I can have without overcrowding. I was hoping the Yellow labs would be a good tank mate but still researching that.
I don't want it too crowded and need to find out if pairs or groups or singles will be the way to go.
I'll read as much as I can to try to find the answers here.

Amonia, nitrites & nitrates PH....... There allot to learn. I will get the tank setup and cycling for a while before we put any fish in.

I've decided on a Fluval Fx-4 and a AC110 HOB filter. I like the idea of two filters to have one running/backup filter while cleaning the larger canister filter. It looks like Pool Filter Sand is what will be used for the substrate. I'm Still searching what kind of rocks I want.
The rest I'm are still trying to decide. A 300 watt heater and 4' LED light to replace the short 3' light that came with the tank is next.

I do not have many places that sell the Cichlids around here. I do have one question off the bat. Do any of you order fish that have to be delivered? That may be what I have to do for some species.

This is a great site. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to C-F!!!

It sounds like you are off to a good start with the tank and filters and I'm glad you are doing research up front before diving in.

If you haven't seen it already, we do have a Library section with lots of articles divided by categories. As to cycling your tank, check out the Fishless Cycling link in my signature for a tried and true method with great instructions.

I'm not sure if you have any local fish clubs in your area, C-F doesn't show any in Idaho but the club lists are dependent on member submissions.

I haven't ordered fish online but many members do and if they see your posts, they will PM you with where to buy them reliably.
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