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New to the hobby

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Hi, I'm Ryan from Florida. I just got interested in fish a few months ago, and I recently set up my cichlid tank.
It is a 75 gallon tank.
2 filters - Emperor 400 and Eheim 2215.
Home made stand.
I'm a little rusty on fish names being new to the hobby.
But I believe I have:
2 Demasons
1 Albino Socolofi
1 Pseudotropheus
1 Hornet
1 Giraffe
Some of the others are a mystery still.


I need a new camera.
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If that driftwood is real, it may eventually lower you pH which is bad for cichlids.
Nice looking tank. And that fish with the spots in that last pic looks like a Nimbochromis Venustus.
One of your dem's will end up dead because of the others aggression. But other than that and the drift wood it looks great!
Desi<3 said:
One of your dem's will end up dead because of the others aggression. But other than that and the drift wood it looks great!
Thank you for the heads up. The darker one on the right in the picture is super aggressive, anything I can do about it?
get many many more, or get rid of one of them :)

I'm personally not really into the driftwood thing for cichlid tanks. I do like it for angels etc though. :)
You may want to post in the Malawi section, since your fish appear to be from that lake. Check the profiles and verify that these are your fish:
Pseudotropheus Demasoni
Pseudotropheus Crabro (Hornet)
Pseudotropheus Socolofi
Pseudotropheus? Post a pic in Unidentified Cichlid forum to get this identified.
Nimbochromis Venustus (Giraffe)

First four are Malawi Mbuna. Last one is Malawi Haplochromis.

Since you have one of each species for most of them, it appears you have decided on an all male tank? There is an excellent article in the Library on all male tanks, you probably need to add more fish. Agree with the others that you need to take the extra Demasoni back to the LFS.
I will have to say that you might want to research your species of fish closely. You will find you are mixing some very aggressive mbuna in one tank, which can be very nervewrecking for you. I agree on the Demansoni they need to be split up. Not to mentnion putting Haps in the tank w/ mbuna needs to be taken very cautiously. That patiuclar hap grows very large compared to the mbuna you have.
They are all pretty fish, but mixing the species can cause problems.
I agree about the dem's, get 10 more or get rid of one and the other will be good by its self. Also with the LAGRGE hap and small dem's, its a very dangerous match. The hap may get big enough to practice the natural in the wild hunting skills, if you know what I mean! It would also depend on the fishs temperament, some will and some wont, you may just have to wait and see! The drift wood looks ok and if its not messing with your pH and you like it then keep it. It all has to do with what one person likes and the other doesnt!
If you decide to go with groups of each species, then any singles in the tank will likely result in hybrids. So if you like the idea of the 12 Demasoni, then I would also do 1m:4f of the Socolofi and whatever your other Psuedotropheus is. I'd get rid of the Crabro and Venustus because I'm not a big risk-taker. But in a 75G you could do 4 species easily so room for one more in lieu of the Crabro and Venustus.
Its so hard to find a combination of mbunas that will work in your tank. I believe their is no magic combo, just make sure that you don't mix the ones that will produce hybrids, the non-trouble makers, and you should be okay....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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