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New to the hobby Haplochromines
by Greg Steeves

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In 2007 a glimmer of hope occurred when Laif Demason brought a good sized shipment of fish in from the Mwanza Bay Lake Victoria. We were able to establish stable groups of Mbipia mbipi, Paralabidochromis sauvagei, and Pundamilia nyererei from this. Hopefully we will see another sizeable wild importation to come.

Water Fin Organism Fish Marine biology

Lipochromis sp. "two stripe white lip" is currently maintained by AZA's Lake Victoria Species Survival Plan. Perhaps hobbyists will soon get to work with this rare paedophage.

In Germany Erwin Schraml has been able to bring back fish from his travels to Africa. Much as Lawrence has done in the US, Erwin has done in Europe. Eventually, his discoveries usually make it to the North American hobby.

Water Underwater Fin Fish Marine biology

Astatotilapia desfontainii is another recent addition to the cichlid hobby.

Institutions and organizations such as HEST and the LVSSP sometimes, through unusually complicated avenues, release excess stock from their reserves. These are often
fish collected for scientific purposes that, although captivity maintained for many years,
have never been introduced to the hobby. Through the efforts of people such as Paul Loiselle, the aquarist will see new fish from these enterprises in the future.

Fin Fluid Organism Fish Marine biology

Astatotilapia callipterus was one of the first haplochromine cichlids imported to the North American hobby.

Although there are hundreds of haplochromine cichlids that do not exist in the aquarium hobby, there is an attitude of urgency in some cases to be able to "save" these fish from extinction in the wild by maintaining them in captivity. Perhaps is it better to have new species trickle in. Maybe a massive introduction of new cichlids would subdue the excitement of being able to work with and display these new fish to others. Either way, it is more and more relevant that
the responsibility of survival for many haplochromine fish lies with the cichlid hobbyist.
Based on recent awareness and successes, I have a good feeling for the long term survival of this entire assemblage of creatures.

Water Fin Fish Underwater Marine biology

Astatotilpia burtoni was also one of the first haplochromine cichlids imported to the North American hobby.

Originally published in The Lateral Line, the official publication of the Hill Country Cichlid Club.
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