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Hi hows it going i live in Queensland Australia, n just joined this site because i love everythign with my aquarium n wanted to improve it n i love cichlids.

ANy way heres my tank tell us wat u think.

its a 6' x 1.5' x 1.5' it was first bought for my baby snake neck turtle named fred to live in but after adding some tank mates in with him i really like how they get along well with him.

Ok heres whats in my tank

1 x Snake neck turtle
4 x sucker catfish
2 x neon tetra (lol there use to be about 20 but fred ate them all he's been through about 60 neons now these 2 are the only ones left from the first school)
4 x Gold Panchax
2 x Convicts
2 x Electric yellows
2 x Kingsizei blues
2 x Venustus
2 x kribensis
and a dozen rosey barbs which survived as feeder fish for fred.

other than that all real plants n rocks.

I am planing a DIY back grond with an island for fred to bask on. but i'll keep u posted on that oh n i just bought a new canister filter off ebay.

Cheers Dno.

p.s how do i attach pics, there all in jpeg format.

Cheers again Dno.

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