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Just to reinforce - I've found cichlidaholic to be one of the most knowledgeable people I've ever seen on a forum regarding mbuna.

There are times when what we want in a fishtank isn't necessarily what the fish want or will be best for them, so that can be hard. You might be able to get away with the Salvini in a 30g for a few months, but remember that the guy needs a bit of room to roam around, so once he grows up, you might want to find him a better home.

I think you will enjoy breeding groups more than all-male tanks. Generally, as long as you follow the advice of experienced cichlid-keepers, keeping breeding groups is much easier than all-male tanks, as the latter require quite a bit of trial and error, adding and removing, etc., until the balance of the tank is set.

You could definitely have a bit of color in that tank with 3 breeding groups; while Hongi's are somewhat less colorful as females, many species are equally colorful for males and females, such as Metriaclima estherae, Pseudotropheus socolofi, Pseudotropheus saulosi (the males are electric blue with black stripes, the females bright yellow), all of which will work fine with your Hongi. 1m/3-5f is usually the best ratio, and a fair bit of rock work usually helps to keep things calm.

Good luck, and it's great that you're asking for help already! That's definitely the best way to go with these guys.
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