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So i go to wet spot in portland oregon to get a pair of Nanochromis Sabinae. I drive for 2 hours to get there and called the day before to see if I could buy them and if they could hold them... They said yes, so I made the drive from school and got there. The worker that helped me said they were sick after we looked at them, that they had bloat or it looked like it.

So he asked the manager, the know it all, hopefully with some type of college degree...

he says they don't have bloat and the female is probably pregnant or something...

I get the fish anyways and put them in my recently planted 10 gallon tank...

all levels are good, it's soft water, and the pH is about 6

i tried red granules and i tried blood worms, I made sure both sinked right by the fish but they still don't eat! or at least i haven't seen them eat...

they've been in the tank for 3-4 days now or something like that because i got them over the weekend...

After looking at the male 2 days ago i noticed that he had a scratch on his head, a little red but no blood or anything... so i got the malflax or whatever it's called, the natural tree tea oil and i've been dosing that.

they just hide all the time and rarely come about... whats the deal and should i just wait it out??

let me know, thanks.

- max

p.s. please don't tell me... well maybe you shouldn't have bought the fish... i drove 2 hours and can deal with a planted tank... i think i can handle 2 fish.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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