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I just found out my fish were african cichlids and now i have a lot of ?s after checking out this site.

1. My fish are caught out of a pond not from a store, and i just bought a BRIGHT orange and BRIGHT yellow ones to try out. Was this a good idea even though they are all african cichlids?
2. what types are the orange and yellow ones?
3. i have one whom i assume is a female that seems to have traits of males? why?
she is blue, but does the digging in the gravel and chases all the other fish away from her area
4. i have an african frog in my tank that they never bother but thay have bothered any other fish i've had before them. why the frog is cool?
5 Finally, my tank is a 55gal and i have about 15 total of these fish and some look both male and female, but i do have more blue than yellow ones u say are males. includes my 2 new ones.
IN ALL, any suggestions for me will help alot
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