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Hi everyone,
i have kept a communal tropical fish tank for 7 years and fancied a change, i now have an empty tank, with a custom 3D background being made with hidy-holes and caves in it.

My tank is 126 litres (28 UK Gallons) or (33.3 U.S Gallons)

Size dimensions:

80cm wide X 45cm Tall X 35cm deep

Or ( 31.5 inches wide X 17.7 inches Tall X 13.8 inches deep )


Fluval 3 Plus

Can anyone give me a few sujestions on what i can keep??

So all combinations with quantities for my tank and setup welcome

Thanks Ryan

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There are lots of Tang cichlids that can be kept in your tank, but I would suggest additional filtration for any of them. The Fluval 3 Plus filters are great mechanical filters but do not provide enough biological filtration to sustain a cichlid population for very long. As an insurance policy, I keep 2 filters on all my tanks. For you, perhaps a large sponge filter would work out, particularly if you don't have room on the outside of the tank for a HOB filter.

Check out the Cookie Cutters in the library, and look through some of the profiles to see what you like. In particular, check out the shell dwellers and Paracyprichromis species. The trick with Tangs is to get species that can occupy different niches (sand, shells, rocks, open water) so that they don't fight with each other as much. If well planned, you could fit ~3 species in your tank peacefully. Or, you can look at some of the more rambunctious fish to keep in a species-only tank.
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