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New to hobby setting up 75g

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I am setting up a 75g with black stand and am painting the back of tank black using krylon fusion. I have a lot of Texas Holey Rock that I will be using and maybe some river rock. I would love to put in black sand, but can't find 3M color quartz and can't really afford to spend $150+ on flourite or Tropic Isle Tahitian Moon Sand. Black sand would be a really good contrast with the Holey rock and make the fish POP, if anyone has any ideas about getting black sand PLEASE let me know. I guess I will have to settle on pool filter sand if I can't get some kinda black sand.

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What kind of fish r u going to add in the tank? If they are colored black and blue(ex. Ps. Demasoni), then ur better off with light coloured sand. JMO. :D
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