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I just recently purchased new 22 gallon or 80 litre tank with the following fish

6 Red Plady's
2 Cory Catfish
12 Neon Tetra
1 unidentified Cichlid

Interested in others comments on my picks

Thank You

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You should identify as soon as possible what species your cichlid is. Is there any chance you could post a photo?

There are some cichlid species that will do perfectly fine in a tank your size. However, most cichlids sold in chain stores will outgrow your tank quickly, and they will consider platies, cory catfish, and neon tetras a tasty snack.

Edit: I just found your other thread which seems to ID your cichlid as a Bolivian Rams. That's one of the few cichlids that will work in a tank your size, and could even be bred in it. However, for breeding the tank mates are not ideal, since the cory cats share the bottom of the tank as living space with the Rams, and are egg and fry predators.
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