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It sounds to me like you already have the elongatus, and Labidochromis. Is that correct?

The first fish is Pseudotropheus crabro. (Bumblebee) Not a bad looking fish when young, the females yellow fades some, and the male turns dark brown, grows to 8" and can be quite aggressive. If I could rank which mbuna I'd keep, from first to last, they'd be last.

The second fish is Chindongo socolofi. (Used to be Pseudotropheus socolofi)

The final fish is Metriaclima kenyi.

The sharks will quarrel with the cichlids. They are pretty tough though, and should do ok, sometimes they don't. The Danios will be fine.. .and the rainbows, it really depends on which types you get.

What do you want from this aquarium? Breeding groups, or a bunch of different bright coloured fish, and not worry about breeding, or raising babies?
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