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Where do I start I'm new to cichlids
I have so many questions and want to learn more

My current stock is a 4ft
X 2 of all
Dragon Bloods
Electric Yellows

So first off trying to understand about the types of cichlids for example
I'd find a cichlid I like based off of google images and on here and yet thier seems to be like
Completr different variations eg tropheus duboisi one is black and spotted and the other has coloured with a stripe which one is the original pure line

Second I have 2 juvi dragoonbloods 5cm and are so dull in color are they females did I get a bad batch they look nothing like the photos


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What are the dimensions of the 4 foot tank? 48" x 12" or 48" x 18"?

I would rehome the venustus as they need a 72" tank. Possibly the dolphins as well.

Malawi do not do well in pairs, so think about what fish you want in your tank and think in terms of stocking 1m:4f of each species.

Read articles in the Cichlid-forum Library to get started.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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