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I just joined your group.
Glad I found it.
I have a question,if you can help would be great.
I am not to sure the kind of fish I am dealing with.
Was told they were African hiding fish.
About 6 months ago they had baby's,about 80 of them.
All are still alive.
About 60 of them have zebra stripes the rest are albino looking.
Was told the lighter of the stripes are female darker male?
Beyond that I have no clue the type fish i have for sure.
They all live in the same tank babys range from about half inch to inch and a half the Dad is 4 inches in length he killed the Mom about a month after babys got here.
He stays in a tank alone now.

My Husband and I would appreciate any and all input.
Thank you


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Fogelhund,no thats not it but very close.
Mine has more gold in the back ground.
The Mom and Dad were left behind in a rental we had,only info I have on them is what I have read.
Since they had there babys my husband and I have just fallen in love with them,thats why I want to know more.
Thanks you guys for your help.
I will take some pics tonight.
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