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Hi Experts and dear friends,

I am new to Cichlid fishes and don't know what types of fishes I have.
Can anyone please help me in this.
Attached are the some pictures.
Waiting for your valuable replies.


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Welcome to C-F!!

I labeled your pics with numbers so:
Pic #1- The yellow & black striped fish is Melanochromis auratus, the pinkish fish with spots on the tail is commonly called a dragonblood peacock or similar names, the large pink/red fish to the far right of the pic is a blood parrot.

Pic #2 - the mottled/blotched 2 fish look like OB peacock cichlids, the yellow one with a black dorsal fin looks like a Labidochromis caeruleus or commonly called a yellow Lab.

Pic #8 - the large yellow fish with the red spot to the right of the pic looks like a tattooed blood parrot?

What are the dimensions of your tank? You have quite a few different species in that tank!
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