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New to Canisters/How do I know if XP2 is Clogged?

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I got a Rena xp2 a little over a week ago. I am not new to Fish or Tanks, just to Canister Filters. One of my fish goes into what I call 'heat' about once a month. When she gets that way she digs pits in the gravel all the way to the bottom. When she digs like that as expected a lot of debris gets pulled up. As it settles I still notice some very fine particles that looks like dust which seems to not be going away (although she's still digging from time to time). My tank still does look super-clear unless you go right up close to it and really look hard. I cannot tell if that is dirt particles or very superfine micro-bubbles. If it's dirt it would have to be coming from the canister because I already cleaned my AC filter. The thing is I really do not feel like cleaning the canister if I don't have to. I cannot notice any flow degradation by looking at the output. Is there any possible way that one could tell if it would need cleaning? Oh also all my readings are perfect... Nitrite -0-, Ammonia -0-, Nitrate 20, etc. I know many of you have plenty of experience with Rena XP filters and canisters in general and I appreciate the input!

Thanks in advance,
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I clean mine out once a month!
It is easy, just put some tank water in teh bucket and wash teh parts out. You do not have to go crazy, just rinse them and replace the top and atart it back up.
I usually look for reduced flow before cleaning canisters. But...everybodies filter cleaning depends on bioload of that particular tank. If you don't notice reduced flow, wait a month then open the canister to see how much debris is there. You will get a feel for how often you need to clean it.
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