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I decided to stop with the malawis in this tank and start a new project with some Tanaganyikas that I needed to take of from my aquariuns in the fishroom. So this aquarium born today with:

3 Neolamprologus caudopuntactus
3 Lamprologus ocellatus
6 Tropheus kiriza
Multies Colonie



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Awesome tank! I think it's great you switched to the tang community. It seems like more people own malawi's than tangs (even though I'm setting up with malawi's :oops: )

I think you should add some more tropheus, they're pretty aggressive.

You could probably add some more fish like cyps, but I'm not too sure. Not a tang expert myself.

If I knew where to get some good quality Tanganyika fish and had a larger tank, I definetly would do the same kind of setup.

Great tank :thumb:
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