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I thought I would introduce my self and give you a run down on my project thus far.Here is the run down on what we are doing . We purchased the 75 gallon 48x18x21... It is a bit too long but I can extend the wall a few inches to make up for it.... So far I have cut the opening in the wall ( my wife cried ) the studs are taken out the wiring is moved and ready for the framing, which i will start tonight. we decided to go for freshwater (African chiclids) we are going to go for the salt water look but the simplicity of freshwater.

I need some ideas for a stand as for the structural part of it. Right now the tank its self is going to be sitting on a piece of 3/4 Birchwood obviously the front part of the aquarium will be supported by the wall studs ,and extras I am adding. it is the rear I am concerned with I would like to do some type of poles at the corners with a 1/2 octagon for the pump and supplies underneath. Can you use wooden dowels or do they need to be metal ,when i say wooden dowels i mean approx 1 1/2 to 2 in thick?

As for me I am curently a Auto tech by trade and an assistant fire chief trying to get promoted to chief (career change :) ). We have just finished painting and decorating our house so my wife is a bit upset at the fact i am messing it up again. I am takning pictures of the build as i go, soon to be posted.

Any suggestions will be appreciated this is my first aquarium in about 8 years. My last was a 29 gallon with 2 oscars in which our cat killed (we no longer have the cat) :)

Russell Ledford

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Here are a few thoughts I had while reading your post:

I am assuming this is a glass aquarium. Be sure that everything is perfectly level and there are no stress points.
For example, if the legs are shorter than the cabinet sides, that would put stress points on the aquarium walls.

The legs on the corners and the front wall (house part) should all be level with each other.
This might get tricky if there is carpet under the legs and cabinet.
Consider the difference after the weight of the tank, water, rocks and substrate are in place.

The cabinet sides can be shorter because the tank needs support on the four corners if the tank is glass.
An acrylic tank needs supported differently.

Personally I would use 4x4s or 2x4s sistered together for the legs.

Why do you want the cabinet 1/2 octagon? Astetics? Function?

You are tying the top of the legs together with birchwood, be sure to counter sink the screws/nails.
It would be safer if the legs were tied together near the bottom also.
One way to do this is by making the cabinet rectangular.

In the origional plan, it could be possible for your little one to pull on one of the legs
or the vaccume sweeper to catch/hit a leg, making it unstable/unlevel...

Just my opinion.
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