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My husband has a 65 gallon tank that has been cycling for a little over 2 months now. It has stacked rock for decor. He is interested in getting these fish. Would they be compatable with each other? Is it ok to add all together at the same time?
He is planning on ordering from <vendor name removed>. We understand that you can't put 2 males together, so this is why he chose 1 of each. Thanks for any insight you can give me!
Cobalt blue zebra
Mbuna mixed
Red peacock
Electric yellow
Electric blue
Blue peacock
Albino peacock
Fuelleborni marmalade
Gold head compressicep
Fuelleborni orange blossom
Yellow peacock

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Your options will be limited because of the length of the tank.

For the mbuna you could stock 1m:4f of the Labidochromis caeruleus (I'm guessing these are the electric yellows).
For Tanganyikans you could stock 6 juvenile Gold head compressiceps and some shell dwellers.
A pair or kribs (Pelvichromis pulcher) and some tetras.

The species suggested are not interchangeable with others on your list. Some of the species on your list would need a 48" by 18" tank or larger.
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