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New Tank, Old Equipment?

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Used to have Africans a decade + ago...Livingstonii, demonsoni, among others, in a small-ish tank.

So, I haven't had a tank in that long. Now I just received a used 65 gallon tank + base and it came with very used Whisper triad filter 2000, a fluval 403, and a fluval 104. In my old tank I used to have just one filter (again, not that big). Can I repurpose this old filters? Tubes are very green inside so assuming those will have to be scrubbed out vigorously or just replaced. Thoughts on the rest? Seems from what I'm reading that I'll need it to be substantial in that the water will have to recycle 5-10x an hour for these guys...above and beyond my small 25 gallon tank back in the day.

Looking forward to thoughts...

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Welcome to Cichlid-forum!

How long is the 65G?

Were the filters used until you received the tank? How many years old were they?

I'd dump the whisper and keep the fluvals...what is the total GPH? Shoot for 8X to 10X.

The green is easily cleaned (bleach soak) if they are new enough to keep.
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