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New Tank, Need Your Imput!

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Hi everyone,

I have an opportunity to buy a new tank tomorrow but I'd love to hear your opinions on the set up before I meet the seller. I've had three Burundi frontosa for about two months in a 29 gallon tank (very small, I know-- hence the new tank) but I finally found what seems like a good replacement:

The tank is a 75 gallon AGA with a very attractive homemade cabinet and rena filstar (xp3) as well as a homemade pump. I know that a 6 foot tank is more desirable, but as a student on a budget this is more feasible- also the tank won't be filled with tons of frontosa, there will be at most four. Additionally, there is a 3D rock background which protrudes roughly 4 inches from the sides and back. I didn't want to ask the seller if its removable or not because it seems like he takes great pride in the tank, having designed it. Is a background of this type removable? What do you all think of it (I definitely will get rid of the vines)

Being relatively new to fishkeeping I'm a little unclear about how the pump works- my understanding is its' a wet/dry? It's $200 for everything, which seems like a good deal to me, what do you all think?

Here are photos he sent me, I just created a photobucket account so I think this should work:

Also, please reply soon, I need to meet the seller at 4pm tomorrow!!


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the sump is good. It adds water volumn and can hide all the heaters, filters, etc... But being said that, 75 gallon is still quite small for even a trio of adult frontosa. If frontosa is what you want, stay with 1 and get other tang. fish and make it into a community tank.

Far too often, frontosa group in a 75 gallon tank will all of a sudden started a war when the fish starting to mature. There is many more unsuccessful stories than the occassion successful stories. But ultimately, the choice is yours.
I think the background looks nice but would need to come out forsure. I would ask about how he attatched it (IE: is it just sitting in there, did he use some type of glue or cement, or silicone.) if it wont come out dont buy it. I agree that a trio of fronts in a 75 will likely have a bit of trouble so dont get more for sure. That size tank makes a very nice grow out tank for larger groups of young frontosa or very small groups of adult fish (trio or less). If you get it be prepared to maybe have to remove a aggressive fish to make a peaceful tank in the future.
Thanks a lot for the input-- Cichlidgirl I'm with you on that, we'll see how the background looks in person but in the pictures it looks like it takes up a ton of room. Also appreciate the insight on the aggression: a larger tank really isn't an option so if the 75 proves to be too cramped i may have to try to sell a few of the fronts and turn it into a community tank- really hope that doesn't prove to be the case. Thanks again, I'll keep you updated
I bought the tank and am in the process of setting it up, it looks great. I'll post pics of the tank as well as a pretty unique auto-water changer that the seller designed.
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