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Are "White Labs" a real species?

My new tank has a single Maingano, Kenyi and a Demasoni...... is this major trouble?

I have 5 yellow labs all bought from a big box store, they all look different. Should fish be bought online to prevent this?

tank is 55gal.. I have watched many videos that said to over stock but many post here appear to dispute this?

Can a few P. saulosi be kept with a few Kenyi?

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Read the articles in the Cichlid-forum Library for answers to many of your questions, both asked and unasked.

White labs are a real species, but that is the marketing name as opposed to the scientific name of the fish from the lake.

In a 55G I would not do more than 3 species and I would skip maingano and kenyi as too aggressive for a 55G.

Demasoni are a challenging fish even for an experienced fishkeeper.

Five yellow labs should look the same, but you already have them, so do you want to keep them?

Overstocking has it's limits. 15 small peaceful fish (3 species with 5 of each) that mature at six inches or less is a good level of overstocking to manage aggression, but still give the fish room to move about and interact as naturally as possible.

Saulosi would be great in a 55G as a single species or with white labs (Labidochromis caeruleus Nkhata).
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