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Hi all,

I have been out of the hobby for quite a few years and am finally now considering getting a tank now that I've settled my living situation again.

Considering getting ONE of a 46g bowfront, 55g standard, or 72g bowfront. At this point leaning more toward the smallest of the three.

I am interested in a South American community tank with low wpg plants (ie. java, and anubias) and mopani driftwood.

Ideally want:
Biggest group of schooling tetras I can afford to have.
Some sort of bottom dwelling fish.

Can I do this with a 46g?

I have a 250w ebojager heater that is older but never been used. Is this overkill?

I have available a Fluval 404 canister (rated for 100g) and a Aquaclear 500 (rated for 100g). I am presuming I would use only one - is this overkill?

It will be a relatively 'show tank' so am thinking sand, just can't decide between white or black. Background will likely be black.
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