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Angels can get a bit nervous with tetras. Depending on the fish they feel they have to watch their fins but I find it does work okay once they get over their nerves. For a bottom dweller, I would suggest a bristlenose catfish rather than the standard pleco. They don't get so large that they are a problem to get rid of as the standard pleco does so often. Here in this area, I often see desperate people trying to Craigslist pleco because the shops will not take the monsters they become.
Sand is a mixed blessing in show tanks IMO. White looks nice when clean but it also highlights the droppings which are a little less obvious on darker colors. I have settled on a mix of size of sand to almost gravel in a natural brown tone. It does some hiding but not too dark. Personal taste item.
I should think either filter will work fine. That is a thing to tryout and see what works for your fish and you. Either will be large enough but depending on fish and decor arrangement, you may find both work or could be too much. Standards don't mean much as there are no "standard" tanks. All tanks are different as are all owners.
Welcome back to the hobby. I found on coming back there are many things the same but with more knowledge available than previously. Enjoy the trip! Read long. Study hard and don't take the first answer as the only way to go!
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