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Hi all, it's been a while since I've had a tank so once I moved into my new house I was fortunate enough to pick one up.

The issue. I purchased this tank as a reef ready tank right after I moved in as I wanted to start a saltwater tank. After considering, I decided that with baby #2 coming along I probably wouldn't have much spare time so I decided on a cichlid tank. Then after about 3 months of "Honey-dos" I was finally able to get things set up. Last night I was filling the tank up and realized the overflow box was filling up as well. There was a large delta in the water level of the tank vs the overflow box so I knew the leak wasn't too big. I drained the tank out and found a small hole about 1mm in diameter in the silicone seal near the bottom corner of the overflow.

Here's my question, can i just take some new silicone and patch the tiny hole up? It's less than an inch above the bottom of the tank so there will be water on both sides and honestly it'll probably be covered by substrate (pool sand) anyways. Thoughts?

Thanks all
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