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new tank filtration ideas

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hello all im new to this site but i have read so many different ideas on here and it seems like a great site for friendly advice.

im thinking about getting a 150 gallon tank to move the kids into but im not sure what kind of filtration to use. the gentleman at the lfs said that he didnt think id need to have a reef ready tank and all i should need is a fluval fx5 but i was thinking that in addition to that i might put my ac 500's on it as well and have been reading about the ugj which sounds like a great idea to push the waste off the gravel and into the filters. but since everyone here seems to know more about this that i do i thought id ask for your advice.

any and all advice will be greatly appreciated
just want to make sure that my cichlids are happy
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Hello....the UGJ's are a great idea. I would go with a reef ready tank so you can use a wet/dry. If you go with a diy wet/dry and UGJ you should be able to do both for under 300.00 bucks that includes both pumps and all the stuff to build the wet/dry and sump and the pvc for the ugj.

PM me if you need any info on doing this

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