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New stocklist for 900lt

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I recently finished my 900lt tank, its a 200x50x90cm.

This is the current stocklist:

Metriaclima Estherea
Metriaclime Fainzilberi
Melanochromis Auratus
Labeotropheus Trewase Thumbi West
Tropheops Chilumba

All in the ratio of 2m and 3f

I'm also thinking of putting a P. msobo magunga. What do you think?
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Remove the males i think will be quite a hard task to do if not impossible due to the size of the acquarium and the rockwork.

All the cichlids are between 4-5 cm. I try to get some more females of each species.

I stick with 5 species or I can add 1 more?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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