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New Sev parents made a blunder!

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My pair of Heros Severum laid eggs this morning after a week of shivering at eachother but by mid-afternoon they had eaten all of them!
Apparently the female made a small effort to nudge the male away a couple of time but then got too tempted herself and also snacked!
Does it usually take a few attempts and is there anything I can do to help them get the hang of it?
I don't want to remove the eggs as I really want to watch the mouth-brooding behaviour!

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They may actually be brooding already. I've been breeding Heros sp. "Atabapo", which is probably just a population of severus IMO. They always pick up the eggs within 24 hours of being laid and brood them for several weeks. The parents take turns so that one gets a chance to eat while the other is holding. Holding isn't especially obvious with these fish, either. Do both eat at the same time when you feed? Or does one eat while the other acts like it is eating without opening the mouth? Is the orange throat more obvious on one fish?

I know a lot of people who expect them to have a big bulging chin like Mbuna or Haps, and they just don't show it that well. The fry are very small, and even a considerable number can be held without showing much more than a slight increase in the orange membrane beneath the chin. I thought mine had eaten one spawn, and suddenly one day I look in the tank and there was a cloud of fry around them - SIX WEEKS after they had spawned! Of course, they may have been releasing them when I wasn't present, as the tank is in the basement, and I hadn't been getting down there as often as I should.
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Oh wow, I thought they just defended the eggs where they lie until the fry hatch!
When yours pick up the eggs, does it leave behind a white/transparent casing? It still looks like there's a ghost-clutch there and the contents have been sucked out!

Not sure about the feeding. They're still both very shy and seldom eat when there are people in the room anyway. I will try and observe them covertly!
That's almost a sure sign that they've picked them up. If they actually ate the eggs, there would not be the casings left behind.

My pair didn't like to feed when I was there for a long time, these days they're up with the other fish in the morning when I come to feed. Of course, once they've eaten they act like I'm some sort of evil predator again. Very slow movements around the tank are an absolute necessity, even in a 90 they will dash into things if I move too fast. Initially I had to drop the food in and step back into the dark to see them come up and eat.
For reference, my Rotkeil Severums eat their eggs if they feel other fish will get to them with certainty. I separated them into their own tank, with no other fish, and they became good parents. Well good to a point, the male will eat the wigglers occasionally, but the female does a good job of picking them up once they are wigglers and moving them to a crook in the drift wood he cannot get to. So he waits, and eats them once they are free swimming. If I am raising a batch, I net them out and raise them from that point. The male is very very rough on the female once all the fry are eaten or scooped, so watch for that as well.

Just reference but hope that helps.
Wow again!
Ok, I guess I need to pick up some fry food of some sort then. I was just about to move them over to a bigger tank and get some dithers and small bottom feeders to keep them company but maybe I'd better hold off for a while...?
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