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New setup

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I just got my 72bow up and running been up for a week,put some cheap fish to help stir things up .Got maybe 6 small danios theyve been in there about 5days now.Only problem is i put activated charcoal with amoinia remover in my fluval 404.I want to put cichlids in soon but not sure when it would be safe?*** checked amonia levels and there low...any suggestions?im new at this..thanks
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The ammonia remover might not be necessary. Just continue to feed the danios lightly for couple of weeks. You can try to find some seeded filter media from a friend or your lfs. Just make sure the media comes form a healthy tank, and keep it wet during transport. Monitor you nitrite and nitrate levels, once your nitrites are at 0ppm you will be able to start adding your cichlids.

Check out this article for more inforamtion
when cycling a tank ammonia removers are slowing down the process.
I would recommend removing the ammonia removers and make sure you have 0 ammonia and zero nitrites before adding additional fish.
should i do regular water changes?or just leave it?thanks
Hold off on the water changes until the cycle is complete. Once you have a 0ppm nitrite reading you can do a water change to lower the nitrates. A nitrate reading of 20ppm or lower is what lots of keepers shoot for, but nitrates over 20pmm will be ok too.
I would ONLY do water changes if the readings are off the chart and you need to save your fish :)

Fish first!!!
any recomendations for a good water test kit?also the tank and filter werent new it was dry but there was old media which i rinsed but im sure didnt clean perfect...also gravel was old too...did rinse that hardy is this bacteria?do you think any servived?
Im sure some survived .
Its amazing what they can take

The standard aquarium pharm. stuff you get at petsmart works fine
I like the API test too. If the tank is brand new 1 week is nowhere near a full cycle. Your ammonia may be low because it is just starting to rise. You should see ammonia rise and peak. Just before the ammonia peak you will see the nitrites peak. After both have are at zero for a couple days it is safe.

Once it is cycled you will still want to add your fish somewhat slowly if you can. If you cycle it with a few danios then you have bacteria to handle a few danios plus a little more. You can't quadruple the bioload without having a mini cycle to allow the bacteria to catch up. The mini cycles don't take weeks like the first cycle, it just takes a little time for it to build up its numbers.
*** added some cycle to speed things up,appreciate all the replies im getting a bit immpatient but will just have to wait
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