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New rocks!

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I've been thinking about using my live rock (from my reef tank) for my coming cichlid tank ( ... p?t=173522 )

But today I went to one of the local LFS and happened upon these

They're fibre glass rocks that's been in their display tanks for a long time so they're covered in algae now. They're hollow and you can cut it pretty easily so a few holes in each and there's tons of room for the fish to dart in and out.

I'm really stoked! :D
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who uses the word "stoked" any more? ;)

Glad you found something useful and lightweight! :)
nice!!! good size rock w/o the weight.. :thumb:

Here in Boston the phrase would be "Wicked Stoked!!" :D
Got the tank emptied and played with the rocks to see how they'll fit.

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Number6 said:
who uses the word "stoked" any more? ;)
Only used in Denmark haha :wink:

Chris2500DK - great score on the rocks by the way.
Just my 2c worth, can you get the background a little darker ?? i think it would kick *** :) :)

Either way looking good so far.
The background will look darker, the pictures were taken with the flash on. Either way it's just a sheet of wood that's painted, so I can just remove it and repaint it whichever colour I'll feel like.
id be stoked too mate, rocks look the goods with algae on them
I like them rocks man.They look so real, but no hassle of the real, heavy old things.
Nice find.Good luck with the tank. :thumb:
HI, I still new to this hobby. Can we use the rock found in waterfall or seaside or roadside for the decoration? Will it affect the overall performance of the tank?
Those are very nice! I really like the look of 'em.
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