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daz1 said:
Lovely tank! How big is you Midas and your tank. How do you manage to keep him with other fish? I would love to put my 10" Red Devil with something else but am unsure as what fish to try.
My midas is about 9-10 inches and he's in a 125 gallon. He's pretty mellow for a midas, he rules the tank but doesn't aggressively chase anyone. In the tank I have a 8 inch managuense another 8 inch managuense, a pair of breeding cons and maybe 6-8 BGJDs in there.

The pink cons and the EBJD and his BGJD mate are in a 55 gallon.

I know the tank is overcroweded, I was trying to cull the BGJDs when they were about 2 inches each. I was thinking my jag or midas would make them snacks but they didn't bother with them and now I'm stuck with them.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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