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New mother to be.

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Hello all. This is my fiist message on this site. I have the first expecting so to speak female cichlid. I think she has had her eggs in her mouth now for a few days or so. I missed the spawning, so dont know which fish is the father to be, but she looks very happy,in good condition and not been aggresive at all, keeping the fish away from her nesting site but nothing too nasty. I dont have a tank that i could move her into. What i am trying to find out is, what will be her chance of keeping any of her young within this setup, with all the other fish. I only have 13 fish including her. The tank size is 48"x18"x18". Plus will the father fish lol, join in with the upkeep of his young or leave it all to the mother. Many thanks Gary.
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The "motherly instinct" only lasts about as long as it takes the fry to swim away after she spits. After that any and all fry she finds she will try to eat. Once the male finished the spawning activities he will no longer have anything to do with the female or her fry.

If your tank has really good tiny hiding spots where the fry can hide for a good while (several months) some may survive.
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