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Hi there, I just picked up a used 55G tank from CL and have started to get it ready to use.
The tank came with a stand, heater and a penguin 350 bio wheel filter. Since this used to be a SW set up is it worth it to clean this filter out and use it. What I mean is it seems that about six months or so ago they drain the tank and left it so there is salt and some sort of green crud all or the housing. The bio wheels and filter would be replaced but I am curious about th efilter as I haven't used or seen this kind before.

Other than that I am wanting to set this tank up with Africans as I like there colours the most. Are there plants that would do well in there with them or do I need to stick to rocks etc?

I should also mention that I found this site when reserching 3D backgrounds, so now I have a pile of small pink foamy bits in the garage and something that sort of resembles some rocks.

I'll figure out stocking after I have the tank up and cycled. But I wanted to figure out the filter ,planting and subsrate first.

Thanks for now.
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