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75g with FX6.

5 yellow labs (1 died) 1:4 ratio
6 Maingano either 3:3 or 2:4 cant tell for the life of me. Closely monitoring now.
6 Fuelleborni 2:4 ratio
6 Synodontis Multis
2 BN Plecos

Now the tricky part. My 6 Chailosi. I have 5 or 4 males. One has the faintest of blue, so I cant tell. Anyways, I need to address the ratio and will be working hard to get 4 more females in the tank. The yellow head vs blue head is very nice.

Should i take all but 1 or 2 males to my LFS and give them away or would a 4:6 or 5:5 ratio be doable? I dont think it would work, but I love the coloring on these fish, truly amazing.

Also, in general, what's better 2:4 or 1:5?

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1m:4f would be a good general rule for peaceful mbuna like the labs. 1m:7f is better for aggressive species like maingano, elongatus and labeotropheus. If you can't tell then the males are not causing trouble and no need to remove them until and unless they do. Expect to see issues start between 8 and 12 months after they are in the tank.
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