new Labeotropheus

2 new Labeotropheus species. Photo from publication​

A recent publication in BioOne proposes two new Labeotropheus species. Currently there are only two species in the genus, Labeotropheus fuelleborni and L. trewavasae. The new proposed species are L. chlorosiglos and L. simoneae. The proposed species are isolated groups of Labeotropheus from around Katale Island in northwestern Lake Malawi.

Unfortunately, the paper describing these two species is behind a paywall. Hopefully more information and images will become available if these two new Labeotropheus species are recognized. There are other populations of Labeotropheus that are isolated and have potentially diverged enough to be considered new species opening the door for even more new Labeotropheus species. To discuss Labeotropheus visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.