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New Fish Not Eating!!!! Buccochromis

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I just received some new fish through the mail. They will not settle down and eat. It's been nine days. No heavy breathing, no signs of stringy poop. They just run up and down the glass. They are not being chased. They are in a 560 gallon w/ other haps. GH 180, KH 240, ph 7.8, NO2 0ppm, NO3 20ppm and zero ammonia. The species is Buccochromis Rhoadesii. I had them in a 60 gallon quarentine tank, but they were spazzing out and not eating.

Can anyone help me? I spent alot of money for these! :-?


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nice fish...nice tank. are they wild caught? you might need to offer something live, or at least fresh from frozen, if they are a good size already. HTH.
How long did you QT them?

None of them are taking in any food at all? What are you feeding? Pellets or flake?

Are they wild?

How long has the larger tank been set up?

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