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new fish don't know what they are help!

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the big one is a red fin borlyi male i know. the blue and orange one is a peacock but I don't know what kind" flame tail"? The blue one and the female i'm thinking Copidichromis Azureus. What do you think.

They all are $' right now so they should be close their adult colors right?

thanks in advance? Oh ya there on a diffrent site try the link. I hope it works ... p?t=154934
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the link works so please help me out. thanks again.
#1 is a Copadichromis borleyi - Kadango
(look at the different pics)
Not sure on the rest

Can some others please ring in on tis Please. I'd really like to know what they are. I know someone out there has a good geuss or knows what they are.

Like I said in the begining I know the copadicdromis borlyi Kandango But the others are a mystery. Well i Know the peacock is a peacock and the female and blue one are haps. I just need to know what kind.

Thanks again. :)
Other than the borleyi, they all look like hybrids to me.
Could that last one be a yellow princess?? i don't remeber how mine looked little but thats what it could be..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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