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These were posted on a local facebook page along with their tank. I asked the owner if I could buy just the fish and she said no. She messages me the next night that the tank is sold and I need to come and get the fish if I want them otherwise they'll be flushed.

I ask what kind of fish, since she didn't post pictures. She says they're south American cichlids and sends me pictures.

They look more like African cichlids, but I'm not sure what kind.

I'm thinking the black one is a female peacock. The orange one is a male red zebra, and the blue one is.... A cobalt?

I currently have them in a 55g and have to rearrange fish for these guys to go now in my 75g.

I suspect the orange and blue ones are males. The blue one is constantly chasing the orange one and even bites it when it gets too close to the black one.

I have had yellow labs and bumblebees in the past and I had the tank slightly over stocked. That's my plan with this tank, but I want to make sure I get the right fish.

These pics are the current tank they are in.


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Malawi cichlids.

Blue and orange are Zebra type Mbuna, like Red Zebra, may not be not pure fish

The brown one is a female Aulonocara, hard to tell if pure but body shape seems off. if female, will stay brown.

You could mix them with mbuna. Don't expect them to even look much better.
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