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Hi folks,

Also a newbie to the forum, so hello from the UK. :D

After 18 months in the hobby, making a few schoolgirl errors, losing a few fish and being largely undecided on what to keep as a "centrepiece" fish alongside my shoals of neons and pygmy golden barbs, I finally settled on Bolivian Rams.

They aren't easy to come by right now, but by chance I happened upon a fit, healthy, mature "pair" at my LFS. They are both males, sadly, but no real worries.....quite happy to keep the two and simply divide up the territories for them.

Ha, not so....they have other ideas. Male #1 has turned out to be ultra territorial, and even now with beautiful bogwood and vallisneria dividing the floor of the tank into 3 different areas, he simply patrols the entire tank and chases the other one whenever he is within view. Male #2 barely gets a moments peace, and he never stands up for himself or defends territory of his own.

Methinks I'd better remove the dominant male #1, keeping the more amenable male#2 alone for a while, letting him settle down and colour up a bit (he is looking dark and stressed).

Eventually I'd love to find him a girlfriend.....what do you think? Will that work? What if I can only find juvenile fish and have no idea of they're male/female?!!

I'm off to go and put some details on my tank set-up in my profile......

Thanks for any advice, will join the BRC one day when I've got some experience!
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