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new aquarium rocks make such a difference!

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After way too long rearranging and searching, I finally got rocks for my tanks that I LOVE!

The fish are all hiding in this one because they weren't used to the light being on at night, when i took the photo. The tank is a Cyno White Top with a random auratus that is temporarily housing in my tank (Anyone want her?).

Here is the other tank and a close-up of some of the inhabitants.

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I love the layout, once I graduate next Saturday I'll be home and I'm going to do a similar layout but with some old live rock I had from my reef keeping days.

If I was in IL I would gladly take your Auratus but sadly I am 10 hours away. But if you shipped her you wouldn't hear me complain! :D
oh wow that turned out nice, those go perfect with your setup... Glad you enjoy the rocks :thumb:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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