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Hi everyone,

I have my new 75g tank set up. I will be putting in my 4 x 2" Red Zibra cichlids (Maylandia esthera) from my smaller tank into this new one. Might get rid of 1-2 of them depending on there sex & agression Level.
My question is should get 1 fish of each species of each different type of fish from Lake Malawi or get them in groups of 3-4?
So for example, 3-4 red zebras, 3-4 yellow labs, 3-4 bumblebees, etc. or 1 red zebra, 1 yellow lab, 1 bumblebee, etc?
I would love to have a variety & would also love it if I can possibly breed a fish too, but variety is my 1st choice.
Any & all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
Have a Fluval 406 & might get another one depending on how many fishes I putting in the tank.

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75G is a nice size tank for mbuna. Personally I am more interested in observing as much of the fish's natural behavior in a tank, than putting as many different fish of different colors in one tank. I find the former much more interesting to watch in the long run, but many people feel differently about this.

With this in mind, I would pick one, two, or three species at most, and put a group of 1-2 males and at least 3-4 females of each type. With two males you might need even more females. The less species you have, the more fish you can have of each type. Provided the species are different enough from each other, you could get some nice fry from this kind of tank, because they would not interbreed. They will breed regardless, but nobody wants hybrids.

Of course you could also do one fish of each type. In this case people often also put some male peacocks into the mix for extra color, and they try to keep the tank all male, although this is difficult to do with some mbuna where you can't see the difference. As soon as you have a female in this kind of tank, they will breed, and you will have aggression issues. Without breeding, it will be better, but you might still have issues with more aggressive mbuna types.

I am currently setting up a 300G (10") tank, that will have only P. demasoni and L. caeruleus (yellow labs). :)
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